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      Visiting our WKSK Library: General Information

      We have an enticing collection of children's books and resources in our library which is located at the front entrance of the school. Children can use the library with their teachers on a weekly basis, and we are delighted to be able to share our collection with our children and families. We also have a vast collection of Adult Learning books which can be borrowed by parents. 

      Please see below for information related to our class borrowing schedule and routines. 

      K1 Borrowing Day

      Bus Children Borrowing Day (supported by class team): every Friday

      Family Borrowing Day: every Friday at 8:30am – 9:00am & 1:00pm – 1:30pm

      K1 Return Day

      Return Day: every Tuesday

      K2 Borrowing Day

      Bus Children Borrowing Day (supported by class team): every Monday

      Family Borrowing Day: every Tuesday at 8:30am – 9:00am & 1:00pm – 1:30pm

      K2 Return Day

      Return Day: every Friday

      Keeping Learning Central to What We Do - Keeping Safe at All Times

      In order to ensure books are borrowed and returned safely, we must:

      • Return books on designated days

      • Use a separate bag or zippered pouch for the purpose of transporting books to and from school (please label the bag with your child’s name and class)

      • Wash our hands before and after we read our library books at home and wear a mask whilst reading the book


      The Library Borrowing Routine:

      • Each child can borrow one book at a time

      • The maximum borrowing period is 4 days

      • Your child will not be able to borrow another book until their previous loan is returned 

      • Please return resources on your child’s designated return day to ensure we are able to provide children with a wide selection of resources at all times 

      We hope that by making the library accessible in this way and providing families with better access to reading materials, we can together enhance the development of children’s early literacy skills. 

      • Topic 2

        Mother Tongue Readers 

        As part of our aim to promote and celebrate the value of mother tongue languages we would like to share some stories our families have recorded for us, using their native/home language. 

        A child’s first comprehension of the world around them, the learning of concepts and skills, starts with the language that is first taught to them. Your mother tongue language has such an important role in framing your child’s thinking and emotions. Their psychological and personality development will depend upon what has been conveyed through your mother tongue.

        Furthermore, the stronger your child’s mother tongue, the easier it is for them to learn or develop other languages. It is also necessary for your child to have a strong mother tongue in order to build  age-appropriate cognitive processes (Bloom, & Keil, 2001).

        Having a strong foundation in your mother tongue is a powerful tool that can support the “transfer” of concepts in one language to another. Language transfer also helps us learn how languages work and are organised (Cummins, 2001). 

        As your child begins to communicate a thought or idea from one language to the other, they begin to actively translate, reinforcing their vocabulary and linguistic flexibility.

        Please see the links below to find out more about the importance of the importance of mother tongue languages on your child's development: 

        The Importance of Mother Tongue

        The importance of Mother Tongue in Education 

        WKSK Story Sharing - Mother Tongue Readers

        Please click on the links below to watch our wonderful families share their favourite stories in their mother tongue language.

         'Let's Get Mung Beans, Momma!' by parent of Joy, Eagle PM

        'Dinosaur Hides from Cat' by Azure, Pheasant PM 

        'The Ugly Duckling' by Emerald, Robin AM

        'I've Learned How to Solve a Problem' by parent of Henrik, Owl AM

        'Rupert the Brave' by parent of Thomas, Robin PM 

        'Dr Julie's Magical Medical Kit' by parent of Eden, Crane AM