Topic outline

  • General

    Details of the support and advice offered to families during the class suspension period can be found below. If we are able to support you with home learning in any way, please do not hesitate to let us know.


    We will implement the following arrangements in the event of any future class suspension

    • Topic 1

      Overview of Distance Learning Provision

      ⦿ Live Learning: Whole Class Sessions
      Children will join their whole class to explore key learning concepts, prepare for learning connected to the small group sessions and take part in activities with their class community.

      Live Learning: Small Group Sessions
      Children will be invited to join at least one small group session each day. These sessions give children more focussed time with their class teacher and deepen their understanding, knowledge and skills.

      Flexible Learning Engagements
      This session provides time for families to complete the learning experiences offered on the Community Hub. There will also be opportunities to join additional live & recorded sessions such as music & movement, storytelling, ESF Sports & additional learning support at this time.

      Learning Resource Packs
      Each Unit of Inquiry will be supported with a range of support packs that will be available for families to collect from the school.  Class teachers will provide details of timing, content and how each pack should be used.


      • Topic 2

        Paint & Supplies Stations

        WKSK families are welcome to visit our Paint & Supplies Stations located at both entrances of the school during school opening hours. Here you will find, paint, paper and other materials connected to our Units of Inquiry. If you wish to collect paint for your child to use at home, please bring some clean jars or containers with lids in order to store and carry the paint.

        Please let us know if there are any additional resources or materials you would find helpful for supporting your child's learning at home. 

        • Topic 3

          Learning Resource Packs

          Each Unit of Inquiry will be supported with a range of support packs that will be available for families to collect from the school. The resource packs contain materials that support the planned learning experiences in the unit of inquiry and the materials referenced by teachers during the live teaching sessions or on the flexible learning experiences on the Hub.

          Details of each resource pack, the contents and how they should be used will be sent issued by teachers during the course of the term.

          • Topic 4

            Tools to Support Distance Learning

            • Community Hub
              Class pages and the Chinese page contain curriculum information, resources and suggested learning experiences connected to the Units of Inquiry. Please select these pages from the 'Communities' tab above.

            • Padlet
              Padlet enables children to submit their work to the teacher and the class group. Children and families are encouraged to provide positive feedback to each other on the Padlet. The dialogue will be used to support conversations about children's progress and achievement.

            • Zoom
              Zoom is the platform used for hosting live, interactive teaching sessions. Teachers will issue sign-up forms, for joining the various groups.

            • Espresso
              Espresso is an online learning resource that provides a wide range of resources, videos and multimedia activities. You can access Espresso by clicking the 'Resources' tab above.

            • Topic 5

              Home Learning Environment Advice

              • Set up a learning space
                Having a separate learning space can help a child tune into the mindset where they're ready for ‘school time’

              • Declutter
                Create a visually neat space for children to focus and concentrate on the task at hand

              • Consider noise level
                Ensure a quiet space free of background noise & activity

              • Consider Privacy & Safety
                Consider what’s in the background, do not go to toilet with a child on zoom!

              • Support the child to manage technology

              • Topic 6

                Online Conferencing Guidelines

                We have developed these guidelines for families to optimise our online teaching sessions and to enable effective learning for children.  In order for the Zoom sessions to run safely and effectively,  please pay close attention to the following points.  Parents should ensure that these guidelines are understood by other adults who are supporting children during the online sessions.

                The live teaching session should be thought of as a class lesson where children can interact with the learning and the same conventions apply.  Please ensure your child:

                • is out of bed and fully dressed

                • has already eaten 

                • is prepared for the session


                • Allocate a regular quiet space where children will be able to focus on the session and not be distracted by siblings, or others.  Background noise can interfere with the quality of the session.  If there is a lot of background noise, the teacher will mute your mic.  Please keep the mic off when not speaking

                • Consider your surroundings (i.e what the other students can see in the background) while you are participating in the online session.

                Joining the Session

                • Please enter the waiting room 5 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin.  In order that Zoom teaching sessions operate smoothly and without disruption, participants need to be in the session at the beginning.

                • When you enter the meeting please hover over your child’s picture and ensure the child’s name comes up.  If the name that comes up is other than the name of your child (eg ‘May’s phone’) change the name to the child’s name.  This supports the whole teaming team to identify children easily.

                • Ensure the video is switched ON during the zoom session so that the teacher can see and interact with your child.

                • The conference should NOT be recorded, photographed or shared 


                Behaviour and Engagement

                • Observe appropriate behaviours during live teaching sessions for example, remain seated, do not bring other toys to play with unless directed by the teacher, do not follow your child to the toilet with the camera / device

                • Communicate by speaking only.  Please do not use the whiteboard function to communicate, or share your screen as it cuts off the teacher as presenter. 

                • Focus on the child’s learning. An adult should be present (at the side) to manage the technology but the focus should be on the child.  Allow children to ask and answer questions without prompts from adults.  Other siblings should not be allowed to disrupt the teaching session.

                • Teachers will end the call by asking all callers to leave. Ensure that you have fully ‘closed’ the conference to avoid any embarrassment or personal conversations

                • The Zoom teaching sessions, learning on the Community Hub and Padlets are for use by the WKSK class community.  Please do not share emails, passwords or links to others.