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    This area contains information and resources that will help parents to understand what children have been learning in school and how children can be supported with their learning at home. 



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    13/10/2017: Who We Are

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      Welcome back!

      We are pleased to see our K1 children return from the Mid Autumn break with such energy and enthusiasm for learning.

      We look forward to delving into more exciting learning experiences together this term. 

      Important diary dates to consider: 

      • 10th October: Parent Workshop – Exploring the PYP in the Early Years
      • 11th - 18th October: Parent Conferences
      • 12th October: PSA Coffee Afternoon & Workshop: Sensory Play
      • 20th October: School closed for CPD
      • 22nd October: ESF 50th Anniversary Charity Run/Family Walk
      • 24th October: Parent Workshop – Let’s Get Them Talking
      • 26th October: K1 Transportation Trip
      • 2nd November: Shared Learning Day
      • 4th November: Terry Fox Charity Run
      • 14th November: Parent Workshop – Outdoor Learning
      • 17th November: School Closed for CPD
      • 23rd November: K1 Ma On Shan Outdoor Learning Trip
      • 28th November: Parent Workshop - Reading Development
      • 8th December: K1 Christmas Performances
      • 11th December: Student Progress Reports Published
      • 14th December: Class Parties
      • 15th December: School Closed


      Communication Books:

      The communication books are checked daily by the Educational Assistants and any important information is passed on to the class teacher. The EAs will initial any notes. Ensure that you check the diary every day and sign messages so that we know that they have been read. Remember to date any notes.

      The book should be used for short and simple queries and administration such as changes in pick up arrangements. The communication book is NOT for updates on children’s progress and learning. For more serious matters, please e-mail the class teacher directly but do allow some response time.


      Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled (incl. socks & shoes) with your child’s name on the tag. 


      Please provide your child with a small, healthy snack e.g. fruit, vegetables, crackers. As we are an eco-friendly school we ask that children do not bring their snack in plastic bags. A reusable container, which is clearly labeled with your child’s name, is ideal. Please note that the school has a NO NUT policy due to severe allergies.

      Drop-off/Pick-up Arrangements 

      We must be notified of any changes to the pick-up routine by 10am/2pm by calling the office on 2435 5291 or via the communication book.

      Collection of your child

      Pick-up cards must be presented by the adult collecting your child.


      It is important to be on time. For late arrivals, please always inform the office of the situation and ensure you have registered your child with the office on arrival.

      Late pick-ups 

      Please ensure you are on time to collect your child at the end of the session. Doors will open at 11.25am and 3.25pm. Late pick-ups will need to sign out. Do not collect your child without notifying a member of staff.