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    This area contains information and resources that will help parents to support their children with distance learning.

    • Topic 2

      Unit of Inquiry

      We currently follow the ‘How We Express Ourselves’ Unit of Inquiry. Within this unit, children are encouraged to explore their creativity and express their ideas through the Arts.

      The K1 children continue to inquire into a number of different art forms such as visual art, dance and music. They are supported to take risks, develop creative and critical thinking skills, use different media and to develop their art skills.

      Central Idea

      People can explore their creativity and express their ideas through the Arts

      Lines of Inquiry

      • Different Media and how they work (Form)

      • How Art makes us feel (Connection)

      • Creative Choices Artists make (Perspective)

      Related Concepts: Choice, Expression, Creativity

      Unit of Inquiry/ Art

      Conceptual understanding: The creative process involves joining in, exploring and taking risks; we enjoy and experience different forms of arts.

      Learning Intentions: 

        • To engage with, and enjoy a variety of visual arts experiences

        • Select tools, materials and processes for specific purposes

        • To demonstrate the use of different media


      Conceptual understanding: Everyone can express themselves in writing

      Learning Intention: Mark-make in a variety of ways

      Conceptual understanding: Visual language is all around us

      Learning Intention: Listen and respond to picture books, demonstrating their understanding through gestures, expression and/or words


      Conceptual understandingEvents can be ordered and sequenced

      Learning Intentions

        • Identify, describe and sequence events in their daily routine
        • Follow classroom directions and routines, using cues

      Personal and Social

      Conceptual understanding: Emotions, attitudes and beliefs influence the way we act

      Learning Intentions: Identify a range of feelings and emotions

      Physical Education

      Conceptual understanding: We can explore our body’s capacity for movement

      Learning Intention: Engage in a range of physical activities


      • Topic 3

        The K1 teachers have collated a few useful tips for you to take into consideration.

        Please also share this information with helpers and relatives:


        Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled (incl. socks & shoes) with your child’s name on the tag.


        Each child has been issued with a new Communication Pouch. This pouch will be used when we have something important to send home with your child (such as a leaflet) or if we have specifically asked you to send something to us (such as a cheque). We will alert you that something is in the pouch by sending an email. The pouch should only be used when asked to do so by the school office or your class team. The pouch will remain in the front pocket of your child’s school bag and will only be checked when an email has been issued.

        Contact the school office for all general queries such as change of pick-up details, to report an absence or urgent messages. For communication relating specifically to your child’s welfare and learning you may email me your class teacher.

        Arrival and Pick-up Arrangements

        As you are aware, the arrival and departure arrangements have changed significantly this year to reduce the number of adults entering/exiting the school building and to control the number of children entering and leaving at the same time. Please read over the information below carefully to ensure our entry and exit procedures continue to run smoothly. Thank you for your cooperation and continued support with this. 

        Arrival and departure using main entrance (Carpark users/Lake Silver residents): 

        When dropping your child off at school, please do not arrive before 8:20am/12:50pm as we need to allow the school bus children an ample amount of time to alight from the bus and to get into school safely. The school buses should be away by 8:20am and your child can safely line up on the social distancing spots along the pavement. 

        When collecting your child from school, please make sure you are ready and waiting to collect your child at 11:20am/3:50pm. We have a large number of children to release from the main entrance therefore we would appreciate if families were there on time to collect them. Pick-up cards must be presented by the adult collecting your child. 

        Arrival and departure using side entrance (Public access from street level): 

        Our school staff will be waiting in the K1 area from 8:20am and 12:50pm. Please only use the social distancing spots in this area when your child is ready to enter the school. When all 12 spots are filled, a member of staff will then take the group of children to get their temperature checked before using the lift. Children will be supported to find their classrooms by staff located in school. 

        When collecting your child from this area, please make sure you are ready and waiting to collect your child at 11:20am/3:50pm. We have a large number of children to release from the side entrance therefore we would appreciate if families were there on time to collect them. Pick-up cards must be presented by the adult collecting your child. 

        We must be notified of any changes by 10.45am or 3.15pm by calling or emailing the school office. Email notifications will be acknowledged by return - please do not email the class teacher as they will be in class with your child and may not receive it on time.

        Please also note that the school will not change a child’s departure routine without explicit prior instruction from the child’s parents.

        Thank you again for your support and understanding over the past few weeks. 

        The K1 Team

        • Topic 4

          K1 Art Exhibition

          In preparation for starting school, new K1 families were invited to submit a piece of artwork created by their child for presentation in a collaborative, virtual exhibition. The presentation would be presented online and within the school as a way of welcoming new children and families and ensuring they immediately felt valued and connected within our school community.

          We invite you to take a tour around our virtual art gallery and enjoy the collection of beautiful artwork created during the summer by our talented K1 artists, in preparation for joining our school.

          Please note that the galleries may take a few minutes to load. You can choose to 'Enter the exhibition' where you can guide yourself around or 'Start guided tour' where the computer will move you to each piece of art. 

          K1 AM Art Exhibition

          • Topic 5

            K1 PM Art Exhibition

            • Topic 6

              ESPRESSO - Online Learning Resources

              Children and families at Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten are able to access the award-winning ‘Espresso’ service at home. We use Espresso in school to help motivate, engage and support learning in the classroom. Children from Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten can continue to enjoy what they have been using at school, and you can be involved in your child’s learning at home.

              For further details, please click HERE >