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    We are committed to working closely with our families during the prevalence of COVID-19. The latest updates and information regarding school arrangements will be posted to this page.

    We are very much looking forward to welcoming children back to school soon.  We have been working on our return to school plans and are delighted to share details on this page. Our plans have been designed in line with guidance set out by the EDB to facilitate a smooth and safe return to school for all children.

    The information below is intended to provide an overview of the various arrangements we have put into place to ensure children have a safe return to school.

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      In order to facilitate a smooth return to school for all children, a phased approach is being adopted. This will begin with a series of orientation sessions where children will be able to visit school in small groups from 16 September - these groups will be a maximum of 6 children and no more than ⅙ of the total school population will be on site from 16-22 September inclusive.  This approach will enable children to develop confidence and familiarity with the school environment and to enable staff in developing safe routines and practices that will ensure the health & wellbeing of all children.

      This documents below set out the methods, measures and precautions that have been put in place to ensure the safety and health of all our students and staff as well as to demonstrate our full compliance with the relevant EDB & CHP guidelines. 


       Return to School Timeline > updated!


       Travel & Exposure Declarations >

       Bus & Travel Arrangements >

       School Arrival & Departure > updated!


       Layout of Classrooms & Learning Spaces > updated!


       Temperature Checking > updated!

       Eating & Drinking > updated!

       Personal Hygiene & Cleaning Arrangements > updated!

       Face Mask Arrangement > updated!

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