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  • General

    As part of our commitment to engaging parents and families, Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten offers a number of workshops & webinars during the year. These are delivered by teaching staff and sometimes by outside providers, to allow parents to develop further understanding of our programme and relevant issues concerning early childhood development. 


     Tuesday, 25th May: K2 Parent Information Session - Transition to Year 1 

    We would like to invite our K2 families to join Ms Ainsworth and Miss Harper in an informative session about supporting your child as they transition from kindergarten to year 1. During this session, you will be offered strategies for preparing your child for year 1 as well as information about the in-school WKSK transition programme which has been specially designed for our K2 cohort. 

    * Please refer to school communications for details about how to join each webinar

    • Topic 1


      Join Miss Ainsworth and Ms Ngao as they discuss how we can promote diversity, equality and inclusion, including gender stereotypes and cultural differences. An overview of the ESF Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) curriculum and ways in which we deliver this at WKSK is also introduced, along with ideas to help adults deal with issues or questions at home.


      Join our family community as we come together to learn about healthy food choices and how to make informed decisions about the food we give to our children. 

       SUPPORTING EARLY WRITING DEVELOPMENT (recorded 18/03/2021) 

      Join Ms Kip and Miss Harper as they explain the elements and conceptual understandings of early writing. They also explore gross motor and fine motor skills, and discuss a range of ways you can support your child at home.

      Workshop Resource: Supporting Your Child at Home 

        LET'S TALK ABOUT SPEECH  (recorded 09/03/2021)

      Join Miss Ainsworth and Bonita Yau from Brigthen Development and Therapy Centre as they discuss stages of speech and sound development. Ways to support sound development through fun games and handy tips and tricks are provided as well information on when Speech Therapy may be needed. 

       STORYTELLING IN CHINESE (recorded 26/02/2021)

      This Chinese storytelling workshop explores ways to help children read at home in Mandarin. It looks at developing your understanding about ways to read with your children using a language you may not be familiar with. The workshop will offer an opportunity to explore different ways to make books with children that will develop their confidence and interest in Mandarin. The workshop is conducted in English and Chinese.

       (recorded 25/02/2021)

      Ms. Thomson and Ms. Deal hosted a Q&A session following a short tutorial about the benefits of storytelling and how to select books to share with young children.

      Workshop Resource: Sharing Stories Book List 

       INTRODUCTION TO FOREST SCHOOL (recorded 10/02/2021)

      Forest School is a physical and emotional environment in which every child’s uniqueness is valued and they are free to choose, express themselves and take risks. Join Mrs Ngao as she explains the ins and outs of Forest School. 

       KOI NIANGAO WORKSHOP (recorded 05/02/2021)

      Join Ms Wong, Ruby and Bowling as they show us how to make Koi Shaped Coconut Glutinous Cake in preparation for Chinese New Year

       DAFFODIL BULB WORKSHOP (recorded 15/01/2021)

      Join Ms. Wong and Clara as they show us how to prepare and plant our daffodil bulbs in preparation for Chinese New Year

       SELF MANAGEMENT SKILLS FOR LEARNING (recorded 6/01/2021)

      Join Mrs Ngao and Miss Ainsworth as they discuss self management skills in young learners and ways to support them.

      Workshop Resource: Presentation and Resources 


       MOONCAKE MAKING WORKSHOP (recorded 25/09/2020)

      Join Ruby, Vida and Ms. Wong as they show us how to make Snowy Mooncakes in preparation for Mid-Autumn Festival.

      Workshop Resource: Instructions on how to make the Mooncake filling 


       OUTDOOR LEARNING (recorded 25/09/2020)

      Gain a better understanding of the benefits of outdoor learning and what our programme looks like at Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten. Kerry Ngao, Outdoor Learning Lead Teacher, leads this session.


      • Topic 2

         MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL COMMUNITY VIDEO (recorded 29/09/2020)

        Watch our Mid-Autumn Festival Community Video featuring children and staff from our school. This video includes our full Mid-Autumn Festival celebration which includes community video and virtual Lantern Parade

         APPLICATION & TRANSITION TO YEAR 1 (recorded 26/08/2020)

        This video provides an overview of the application procedures and support arrangements for children transitioning to Year 1 at an ESF Primary School.

         DISTANCE LEARNING ARRANGEMENTS (recorded 17/08/2020)
        Our commitment is to ensure that children are engaged in learning and that we're supporting every single family. In this video, Mr Coyle outlines some of the distance learning arrangements we're putting in place during class suspension

         WELCOME TO WKSK 2020/2021 (recorded 11/08/2020)
        This video from Mr Coyle & Ms Thomson welcomes families to the new school year and provides an overview of distance learning arrangements