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    This area contains information and resources that will help parents to understand what children have been learning in school and how children can be supported with their learning at home. 

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      Diversity, Equality and Inclusion 

      Children flourish in environments that value diversity, equality and inclusion. At Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten we are working hard to promote children's understanding of the world and others around them, keep them safe and prepare them for a life in an ever changing and diverse world.


      • Diversity is about recognising and valuing difference, where everyone is respected for who they are

      • Equality is about creating a fairer society, where everyone can take part and where everyone has the opportunity to be all they can be

      • Inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to increase access and  engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers


      Thank you to those who attended the recent webinar with Miss Ainsworth and Ms Ngao. It was wonderful to see so many in attendance and receive such positive feedback. The session covered: 

      • what diversity, equality and inclusion means in education

      • how we promote diversity, equality and inclusion at WKSK, including discussions around gender stereotypes and cultural differences

      • an overview of the ESF Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) curriculum and ways in which we deliver this at WKSK

      • ideas to help adults deal with issues or questions at home.


      For those who were unable to attend the session, please click here to access the recording. 



      To support our children in learning about diversity we would like to invite our Wu Kai Sha community to participate in some activities at home. 


      ‘This is How We Do It’

      We share a wide range of stories and books with children that celebrate diversity and the difference between us. ‘This is How We Do It’ is a book that explores the lives of seven children across the world and is a great tool for comparison with our own lives, cultures and community. 


      We would like to invite you to listen to parts of the story that interest your child and discuss the similarities and differences between their own lives.


      Please click here to listen to 'This is How We Do It' by Matt Lamothe read by Ms Ainsworth and Mrs Ngao. 


      As you listen to the book pause and talk with your child.

      • What do you notice in the pictures?

      • What is the same in your life? What is different?


      Please note that this is a long book. Please do not listen to it all at one time but pick the parts that most interest your child. 


      ‘This is How Wu Kai Sha Families Do It’

      After reading the story, we would like families to share videos or photos of the things they do. For example: special celebrations at home, the languages spoken, the things done to relax or any other ideas found in the book. This video could be of adults or children talking, or could be from a family friend who lives somewhere else in the world and would like to get involved. 


      Please share your videos or photographs on this Padlet. Submissions from the Padlet will then be put together into a video to showcase and celebrate our diverse community. 



      Please note you will need to be signed in to your child’s Padlet account to access this Padlet as it is only accessible to Wu Kai Sha families. 


      We look forward to celebrating diversity in the WKSK community with you. 




      • Topic 5

        ESPRESSO - Online Learning Resources

        Children and families at Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten are able to access the award-winning ‘Espresso’ service at home. We use Espresso in school to help motivate, engage and support learning in the classroom. Children from Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten can continue to enjoy what they have been using at school, and you can be involved in your child’s learning at home.

        For further details, please click HERE >