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    This area contains information and resources that will help parents to understand what children have been learning in school and how children can be supported with their learning at home. 

    Children in K2 are currently following the 'Sharing the Planet' Unit of Inquiry


    Last updated: 10th June (Sharing the Planet)

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      Dear Parents,

      As part of our on-going commitment to sustainability, we ask you to support us in taking action to reduce the use of plastic. At Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten, we have made a pledge to eliminate the use of unnecessary ‘single-use plastic’ within our school.

      These are some of the actions we are taking to eliminate the use of unnecessary single-use plastic with the school:


      No plastic straws used for drinking or art work

      No plastic plates, cups and cutlery

      No single use plastic bags and zip lock bags

      No balloons for craft projects


      We would like to invite you to join our aim and also make a pledge to eliminate the use of unnecessary ‘single-use plastic’. Please exchange your child’s zip lock snack bag for a washable cloth bag and plastic spoons or forks to a metal spoon or fork.

      I really hope you will join is in creating a single-use plastic free environment for our children.


      Important diary dates to consider

      26th June: Leavers’ Ceremony

      27th June: Class Parties

      28th June: Student Progress Reports Published

      • Topic 2

        22 February 2019

        Thank you to all our families for joining us to celebrate Chinese New Year during our family day last Thursday. It was wonderful seeing our school community come together and share the experience with one another. We were able to sample some traditional festival foods, participate in some Chinese inspired learning engagements and we even had the opportunity to watch a Lion Dance performance. 

        Cultural awareness and tradition play important roles in helping young children develop a positive sense of identity and build self-esteem. Studies show that cultural appreciation and awareness contribute to building a positive self image. Developing a strong foundation of belonging and acceptance through cultural celebration and education helps children to create a diverse social network while transitioning into adulthood.

        The importance of holidays and traditions spans across most cultures. Participating in the celebration of holidays creates a special experience that can help bond young children with their family’s cultural traditions. K2 children have explored Chinese traditions, and this has helped them to build a deeper understanding of self.


        Curriculum Links:

        PSPE: Learners talk about similarities and differences between themselves and others.

        PSPE: Learners reflect on their experiences in order to build a deeper understanding of self.


        • Topic 3

          The K2 team has collated a few useful tips for you to take into consideration. Please also share this information with helpers and relatives.



          Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled (incl. socks & shoes) with your child’s name on the tag.



          Please provide a small, healthy snack and a water bottle each day. We suggest finger food such as fruit, vegetables, small sandwiches or savoury crackers. Please do not send in cakes, candy, chocolate or such. We are a NUT FREE school so it is important to not send snacks containing nuts or traces of nuts. Ensure that extended family members and helpers are aware of this policy.

          As part of the school’s sustainability initiative we ask the snack to be contained in a reusable container and a fabric bag. Please ensure that all items are clearly labeled.

          An example of an ideal snack bag and bottle.

          An example of a healthy snack.


          As the majority of school communication is handled effectively by email and telephone, we have decided to discontinue use of the ‘Communication Book’.

          We replaced the Communication Book with a Communication Pouch as we recognise that there are times when leaflets and other items such as cheques may still need to be passed between home and school.

          The pouch will be used when we have something important to send home with your child (such as a leaflet) or if we have specifically asked you to send something to us (such as a cheque). We will alert you that something is in the pouch by sending an email. The pouch should only be used when asked to do so by the school office or a class teacher. The pouch will remain in the front pocket of your child’s school bag and will only be checked when an email has been issued.

          Contact the school office for all general queries such as change of pick-up details, to report an absence or urgent messages.

          For communication relating specifically to your child’s welfare and learning you may email your child’s class teacher.


          Arrival and Pick-up Arrangements

          We must be notified of any changes by 10.45am or 2.45pm by calling or emailing the school office. Email notifications will be acknowledged by return.

          Please note that the school will not change a child’s departure routine without explicit prior instruction from the child’s parents.


          Collection of your child

          Pick-up cards must be presented by the adult collecting your child.

          Arrival and Late Pick-ups

          It is important to be on time. For late arrivals, please always ring the school office to inform them of the situation and ensure you have registered your child with the office on arrival.

          Please ensure you are on time to collect your child at the end of the session. Doors will open at 11.25am and 3.25pm. Late pick-ups will need to sign out. Do not collect your child without notifying a member of staff.


          We look forward to working with you!


          Kind Regards,


          K2 Team