Topic outline

  • Chinese Reading Books

    We know that it is important for children to learn a language by hearing and using it. In order to help children learn Chinese after school, we have a range of Chinese reading books available for you to borrow. 

    We would like to encourage you to borrow the Chinese books in our library and read the online books with your child using certain strategies. For K1 parents, we would like to invite you to read the Chinese stories with your child in a relaxed way which aim to raise their interest of reading Chinese stories. For K2 parents, we would like to invite you to borrow the books and read them with your child at home in conjunction with the online book. You may also encourage your child to read the books to others. This will give more opportunities for your child to read and listen to Mandarin in their daily lives.

    Click on the image of the book you have brought home with you to watch the video recording. Once you have watched the video you can have a go at reading it to someone at home.