Topic outline

  • General

    Central Idea

    People learn about themselves and others through their experiences 

    Lines of Inquiry 

    We are inquiring into:

    • Different experiences in our school environment (FUNCTION)
    • Our roles and responsibilities at school (RESPONSIBILITY)
    • The ways people build and develop relationships through shared experiences (CONNECTION)

    What is this unit about?

    The Who We Are unit is a yearlong unit of inquiry in which children will be encouraged to learn about themselves and others through their experiences. The children will be building and sustaining positive relationships with their peers through unstructured and structured play opportunities. During these experiences, they will be encouraged to think about sharing, taking turns and how to communicate with their friends. Alongside this, children will be encouraged to recognise their rights and responsibilities at school and this will develop their independence and self-management skills. Throughout the year teachers will capture children’s learning through photographs, videos and observations and these will be used to support children’s reflections on how they have grown and developed since the beginning of the year.