Topic outline

  • General

    Central Idea

    People utilise systems and services within communities to meet their needs.

    Lines of Inquiry 

    We are inquiring into

    • The communities that we belong to (CONNECTION)
    • The roles and responsibilities within communities (RESPONSIBILITY)
    • How people use systems and services (FUNCTION)

    What is this unit about?

    The 'How We Organise Ourselves' unit of inquiry encourages children to explore the interconnectedness of human-made systems, services and communities. In this unit, the K1s will have the opportunity to make inquiries into how the systems and services in our community help them in their day-to-day life. For example transport, shops, leisure services etc. 

    As this unit of inquiry develops, children will be encouraged to think of the contributions they make to the communities they are part of, including family, class and school. We will be promoting the need to contribute to our home and school community, as well as the wider community. 

    • Topic 1

      29th November 2019

      To start our inquiry into how 'People utilise systems and services within communities to meet their needs' we have started by thinking about the communities we belong to and the connections and similarities we have with others. 

      We have exposed the children to a number of different systems and services to see where their interests lie. 

      Some of us have been building structures

      We have also been inquiring into our home and school communities and thinking about people's roles and responsibilities within those communities. 

      Community gives a child support, a sense of belonging, a strong sense of self and sense of connection. Children feel emotionally and physically safe and valued when they understand their place within a community therefore it is essential we develop a child’s understanding of community early in education. Most children have had experience within a community prior to joining school - the most apparent being their own family community. Starting school acts as a significant milestone in a child’s life as for many this is the first opportunity for them to be part of a new community outside their family and familiar environments.

      The K1’s took some time to explore the different areas within the school, taking special notice of the birds above the classroom doors. After this, they shared their observations with the rest of their peers and discussed the staff members they came across during the tours. We then tried to match the different teachers to the classrooms throughout the school. To further the children’s inquiry, we explored ideas of what we thought each member of staff did to contribute to our school and then asked them during short interviews.