Topic outline

  • General

    Central Idea

    People use a variety of processes to provide and produce food


    Lines of Inquiry

    We are inquiring into:

    • Origins of food (Connection)

    • Ways food is processed and changed (Change)

    • Food choices and their impact (Causation)

    • Topic 1

      20th January 2020 

      What is this unit about?

      This term, the K2s will begin a new unit of inquiry - 'How The World Works.' In this unit, the children will have the opportunity to inquire into how people use a variety of processes to produce and provide food. As part of the unit, they will find out where food comes from, explore the ways food is processed and changed, and the impacts our food choices have on us as well as our environment. 


      The K2s will be applying their understanding of scientific principles and use a variety of skills ranging from research skills such as formulating questions, predicting, observing and recording data to thinking skills. Here, the children will have to apply their understandings by making use of previously acquired knowledge in new ways and analyse by seeing relationships or similarities.

      In this unit, the children will be developing the learner profile attributes 'inquirers,' 'thinkers' and 'communicators.'

      Please note: As we will be participating in a range of cooking experiences, please inform your child’s class teacher of any new dietary requirements specific to your child.